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Norman Agutters 8' "Bass Specimen Rod" IMP

Norman Agutters 8' "Bass Specimen Rod" IMP


The 8 foot Bass Rod Alastair Agutter used as early as 1968 when specimen Bass fishing around and under piers and pillons.

Stalking bass in the noteable and legendary company of Colin Plummer and Burt Curr who were two of the most prolific Bass Anglers of our time. They both used Split Cane Bass rods with Jecta reels made by Grice & Young of Christchurch. The Bass rod derived from cut down versions of Split cane Carp rods. In 1976 using his new design and purpose made Bass rod Alastair Agutter won the Angling Echo Pier Bass Championships, that season from piers around the UK he caught more than two hundred specimens over 3lbs. Finished with open bridge rod guides and claret close ties, full cork handle.


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