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Fishing Boots

Rod Building 

Find all the components you would need to build your own rod or replace some old parts.

Fishing Gear

Rod Kits

Kits come complete with:

Built Cane Rod Blank. Cork Handles, Shoulder Collars, Reel Fittings, Rods Rings, Keepers, Ferrules, Whipping Cottens, and Rod Bag.


Rod Blanks

The blank is a pole that forms the core of the rod. Rod blanks are purchased from any one of a number of suppliers.

Fishing Gear

Cork Handles

Cork handles are much lighter than foam handles. Cork handles can maintain residual heat even in colder temperatures.

Fish on Hooks

Rod Guides

Rod guides come in many shapes and in a variety of materials. The quality of a guide depends on the composition of both the guide frame and the ring.

Shore Fishing

Whipping Cotton

Nylon thread features strong tensile strength and bright colors that have been pressure dyed for color consistency.

Fishing in the Ocean

Reel Seats

A reel seat is the part of a fishing rod butt upon which the reel is mounted.

Fishing Net

Ferule Joints

Ferrules vary in shape and material but are most commonly in the shape of a ring with beveled edges.

Fishing in the Ocean

Reel Spacers

Spacers to fit our reel seat hardware options, or use these spacers and make your own hardware!

Fishing Net

Rod Bags

Find a bag to accompany your new rod. Choose from our selection of bags on this page.

Fishing Bait

Rod Building Accessories

Customise your rod with our selection of accessories.

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