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Rod Repairs

At Norman Agutters we can help you with repairs to those treasured rods. We have in our Library virtually every rod specification of Built Cane Manufacturers in the United Kindom and around 50 percent of Famous American Rodmakers.

If we do not have a certain make it is not a problem, as we can normally calculate a specification from the remaining pieces.

This includes the tapers of a rod and the rod guide spacings. The best time to send us rods for repair is at the end of a season, ready for the next. But you can send and instruct us to repair a Cane rod at anytime.

We do ask customers to send payment with the rod for a repair. Below are our standard charges, also a customer repair feed back form for an actual price if our standard prices do not include your requirements. As a guide here are some of the most popular makes we repair. Agutters, Hardy, Leonard, Garrison, Constable, Partridge, Fosters, Walkers, Wulff, Paynes, Heddon, Thomas & Thomas, Pezon et Michelle, Paul Young, etc...

Our standard charge for Trout Fly Rod Rings replaced, whipped and re-varnished is £100 + VAT.

The Repairs service fee is based on a standard style fly rod. This service includes the re-whipping of a rod and varnishing. Tip breakages are calculated and added to the price by way of the cost of the Built cane blank section and quality required.


The earliest you send your rod the earliest it will be completed.


Contact us online for a price via email. Please give as much information as possible to the make, length, type and number of rod rings.  If possible, please send us a photo as this will help us estimate the cost. We will email a reply, giving you a price and where to send the item.

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