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Norman Agutter Super SD Nickel Silver Ferrules

Norman Agutter Super SD Nickel Silver Ferrules


The SUPER S.D. line of precision nickel silver ferrules has been designed and manufactured for rodmakers who prefer an alternative to the successful SUPER SWISS model.

Fashioned after the ferrule system used by such well known rodmakers as H.L.Leonard, E.F.Payne and F.E. Thomas, the SUPER S.D. will complement the finest handcrafted split bamboo rod with its traditional profil. In addition many individuals will find these ferrules particularly useful for restoration of older bamboo rods.

All SUPER S.D. ferrule components have been accurately machined from the finest available 18% hard drawn nickel silver tubing, Then carefully assembled and silver soldered to exacting specifications. All males and females have been fitted with moisture plugs for watertight integrity. Distinctive features include a concave radius on the forward end of the male sleeve and an attractive welt fitted to the female. The last steps in creating these high quality ferrules  are meticulous polishing and final inspection.

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